on your newborn!

We understand all of the costs associated with having a new family member. To help, White Cross offers you the Medela Symphony® Breast Pump at the lowest rental rate in Ottawa.

Symphony® Double
Breast Pump Rental

rental *
  • A breast pump will be set aside for you when you place your order.
  • Your billing cycle starts on the day you place your order, regardless of when you pick up your breast pump.
  • Your Billing cycle is set at 30 days.
  • The first day of your billing cycle is your rental agreement date. For the purpose of  this agreement know as as Day 1
  • The last day of  your billing cycle is 30 days post rental agreement date.


  • Monthly rental fee is  $75 / month or
  • Weekly rental fee is  $25 /week, up to a maximum of $75 per month.
  • Day 1 to 7 = $25.00
  • Day 8 to 14 = $25.00     (for a total of $50.00 -day 1 to 14)
  • Day 15 to 30 = $25.00  (for a total of $75.00- day 1 to 30)
  • A minimum rental charge of $50 applies during your first month if the pump is rented for less than 14 days.


  • Your first payment at time of rental will serve as your rental fee payment for your first month. (Day 1 to 30)
  • After the second month (day 30 to day 60), 60 days  from the date of your rental agreement, your credit card will be charged $75.00 automatically on the last day of your billing cycle.
  • Thereafter, the rental agreement will be renewed automatically every month and  your credit card will be charged automatically $75.00 / month  on your last cycle billing date until the breast pump is returned to the White Cross Dispensary.


  • When you return your breast pump to the White Cross Dispensary, your rental agreement will be terminated and your final payment, or refund, will be processed.
  • Rental fee Payment upon return of the pump  at White Cross Dispensary will be calculated as per the use of the pump from your last billing cycle date payment up to the return date.
  • If you return date  is within the following time frame  below from your last payment date, the rental fee for the final payment is calculated as is:

Day 1 to  Day 7    after last billing cycle date: $25.00   for a total of $25.00

Day 8 to  Day 14  after last billing cycle date: $25.00   for a total of $50.00 from Day 1 to 14

Day 15 to Day 30 after last billing cycle date: $25.00   for a total of $75.00 from day 1 to 30


Please note that White Cross Dispensary only provides an email  invoice -payment receipt generated by the system at the time of billing (initial rental, monthly payment  and upon return). The invoice receipt is emailed  to the registered email address on the account. We do not provide any other form of official receipt.

Please note that once the account  has been created and the rental agreement has been agreed to,  we cannot change the name on the account/ rental agreement  for the purpose of insurance reimbursement.  If you need to change the name on the rental agreement,  you will need to close the current rental agreement (ie return the pump to the store)  and open a new a new rental agreement. Please be advised the minimum  rental fee of $50 applies in this case for doing so.  Please ensure you are creating the account / rental agreement with the correct name initially.

The Medela Symphony double breast pump is designed to establish and maintain the mother’s milk supply. This hospital grade pump is ideal for mothers who are having lactation difficulties or trouble establishing breastfeeding, as well as mothers who wish to breastfeed their babies but are separated from them.

2-Phase Expression® technology: Designed to mimic a baby’s natural nursing rhythm.

Convenient: Single or double pumping.

Two separate, independent membrane units: Allows switching between single and double
pumping by simply applying or removing the second collection kit to the breast.

Let-down button: Moms can easily return to stimulation by pressing the let-down button.

Accessories: The Medela Breast Pump accessory kit is sold separately and yours to keep for 78.49+HST.

For more information about the Medela Symphony Breast Pump, instructional videos, FAQs and more, please visit the Medela Breast Pump website.

For more information about our flexible rental plans, please call the White Cross Dispensary on 613-233-4029. One of our in store sales representatives would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


* For more details or to see our flexible rental plans, visit us in store or on our website. Applicable taxes applied.